About Form4 Precision

Hi all, what is the minimum hole size for Form4? I remember the Form3+ (mine) is about a 0.5mm, I’m wondering if the Form4 could be around 0.2 (or less).

Look here:

Many thanks, it seems the form3+ is acting better:

I don´t think that´s what this table shows. Did you read the text?:
“The comparison table here compares the Recommended or intended CAD feature size to the Resolved or measured value of the actual printed feature size found during Formlabs testing. The closer the resolved data is to the recommended data, the more precise a printer is. The deviations in the recommended and resolved sizes are minimal and generally imperceptible to the human eye. The following takeaways apply for the Form 4 and Form 3 generation printers.”

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…0.5mm, the minimum size of the holes remains the same between the two printers

Yes. But with less tolerances.

If the resolved values are very close to the recommended values, it indicates high precision. This means the printer can accurately produce features as small as those specified in the CAD model. Cost-effective Solidworks 2023 options. Minimal deviations suggest that the printer consistently produces features with sizes close to what is intended, which is desirable in high-quality 3D printing. When deviations are small enough to be imperceptible to the human eye, it implies that the printer’s resolution is within the limits of what is typically distinguishable without magnification.