Ability to add Bridge Supports

under Supports/Advanced options , The ability to add a bridge type support or the ability to direct PF where to put a Beginning support when using internal supports/build off Model.
PF did this automatically when I clicked a .3mm support on the edge of the nut but when I tried to duplicate it on a different model it wants to put the support at the bottom of the Tub Making it impossible to clean out.
The part still prints fine even though it shows red, but I get some warping during the post cure so I manually made a support in Rhino and made it part of the model but would be nice to just be able to create one in PF by clicking a start point then an end point with the given point size

I have to say I’m kind of glad I haven’t had to print objects like that and try to get them oriented and supported. I’ve had some complex stuff, but I’ve been able to figure out ways to split them up to get good results and I can’t see a way of getting better results on that.