A not so brittle resin would be nice

I feel that the clear resin is quite brittle, not flexible, but more like a soft plastic, which would not crack with a little tap of something hard…

You’re describing the V1 resin :stuck_out_tongue:

it does still exist???

Prolong soaking in IPA makes the parts more brittle. Try an inexpensive natural hair chip brush to speed up cleaning excess resin off and dry the part as quickly as possible.

IPA is brutal on this stuff.

thanks! I didn’t knew about it. I hope the brush does not leave marks. Have you tried?

I use a chip brush on all my parts, it won’t scratch the surface but make sure the brush is soaked in IPA as you use it to loosen up the resin.
I use the 1" wide:

You don’t need to scrub hart at all, use the tips of the bristles to clean out the tiniest areas.

If you have really really thin parts on the model take care and be gentle, chances are the really thin stuff will clean on it’s own in just the ipa and usually the big areas need assist.

thanks again :smile:

@Alex_Vermeer What do you mean? What are the V1 properties compared to the V2?

I just purchased a black resin and is V1… Is that normal? Or I got the thing wrong?

@David_Miller, I don’t know the exact properties, but the V1 resin was less brittle, easier to take off from the build platform without something chipping, My personal experience is that it could withstand dropping on the floor a little more (though this might be because of the angle of the fall, and some weakspots in the model… Obviously dropping the part isn’t supposed to happen ;)). Only downside of the V1 resin was that it turned yellow over time because of the curing.

@Victor_Wolansky, when in doubt, check preform. If you can select a V2 in the options, then there is obviously a V2. But you’re in luck, there is no V2 resin for black :blush:

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