3D Printing and the future of 3D Pen

Hello everybody,

I’m interesting in 3D Printing Pen. What do you think - is there a future of this kind of 3D printing?

I wouldn’t consider that 3D printing

I don’t consider pens 3D “printing” any more than I do this… http://tinyurl.com/zf7myae

I see them as more of a toy…

Ok to be fair for someone that is more of a traditional artist doing things freehand and in the real word maybe they could be an interesting new medium or for small repairs to FDM parts?

I have actually sculpted (loose interpretation) with hot glue…

For my Halloween display…The image is not of mine personally but I did the same thing.

It isn’t much more than that. a hot glue gun that extrudes plastic instead. For what it is worth FDM printers aren’t that much more than the same, just on a computer controlled coordinate system (gantry style or what have you)

So I can see it maybe having purpose in certain applications. Definitely in crafting, custom plastic jewelry, etc. etc etc. At the very least my kids would have a blast.