3D printed laser/galvo housing replacement

Just wondering if anyone has asked the kind folks in support if they have thought about offering a 3D printed drop in laser and galvo replacement instead of the expensive metal cnc milled one?

The price is just too high and the working components are not expensive (except the galvos, I imagine there pricey but could just swap the old ones if they provided a 3d printed jig for alignment) at all but the housing must be very expensive to machine.

After all they have all the materials and the printers to do a replacement to order, they wouldn’t even need to order batches of cnc parts just made to order glue in the motors and laser and bam everyones happy. I for one wouldn’t care what color it even is I just want the thing to work as advertised.

What to people think?

I know the community would really appreciate it me being one as after all my tries I figured out it was the laser power all along but out of warranty even tho I barely was able to use it (No joke Im talking barely!).

I for one would be buying tonnes of resin if I had some degree of certainty that I would get at least a few good prints.

Serious browny points if they did, my faith would forever be restored.