3D printed action figure Bionic Bjoern


Here is another figure based on an old Softimage 3D model that I turned into an action figure with the help of Modo. I did not only add the articulation but also changed the design and proportions quite a bit. Especially on the torso.
What I like about this figure is that it fits into a lot of other 3 3/4 inch action figure lines. Printed on a Form2 printer with durable resin. Hand painted by me.
I also gave the figure a new backstory:
In the year 2025 the world is overrun by zombies. Mankind’s only hope lies with a secret Canadian military program: The Bionic Bjoerns. These cybernetic clone warriors made from Viking DNA are sent all across the globe to rescue scattered non infected humans and eradicate the zombie thread.



I really like the clean painting you’ve done and the mechanical design of his robot side. I wouldn’t mind seeing a version where hes got an angry menacing look on his face with veins popping out of his neck too.