30mm Rotor holds up well at 65500 rpm!

The video below is of my 3rd test run with a Form1+ SLA printed Ducted Fan rotor.

Peek rpm was measured at a whopping 65502 RPM

The exhaust efflux wind speed was recorded @ 252 km/h and produced 152g of thrust.

I’m really pleased with the results & can’t wait to get my Form1+ back. :smile:


That is super cool. Please tell us more about what you are making!

You are brave: that’s a lot of kinetic energy, should that thing let loose!

Hi Thomas,

The EDF unit is for a scale, micro radio controlled, Hawker Hunter Jet. It’s a project I’ve been working on for just over a year now.

The idea is to build a flying scale version of the 1:32 Revell plastic model kit. I was hoping to use 3D printed parts for the flying model but soon realized that it wouldn’t be possible due to weight constraints at this size.

As it stands only the rotor and EDF housing will be printed. I have however developed a way of 3D printing the molds and then casting parts in lightweight urethane expanding ridge foam. I can also use the same process to mix in other composites such as carbon fiber.

It been a really fun project and I’ve learnt so much.

If you are interested –

  • I’ve a build log running on RC Groups - LINK

  • I recently did a series of videos to show the complete 3D mold and
    casting process

  • There are build video etc. on YouTube - LINK
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That is simply amazing. Will you be selling them once the project is finished?

I applaud your skills and determination!

Thanks Thomas,

It’s a fairly specialized area of the RC hobby that I’m working in so I don’t foresee sell very many. …. but never say never.

The value for me has been what I’ve learnt be it CAD, 3D printing, electronics, composites etc. Much of this has feed back to my day job. I just love design and problem solving :smile: