2018 finalists announced

This ring, Meteor, a Saul Bell Award Finalist was printed on my Form 2.
The diamond is set using my patented “Kaiho” setting style.


Awesome ring!!! Keep up the great work!! I love when people show what you can do with the Form 2!!


Congratulations! How wonderful!


Could you elaborate on the kaiho setting style?


Thank you everyone,
Chris, in 2014 i invented a way to set a diamond that i named “Kaiho”. This is a Japanese word meaning, “to set to freedom or release to freedom or experience freedom”. My wife is Japanese.
The design removes prongs and channels that seem to “trap” or “grab” the stone. To me i wanted to more “cradle” or “embrace” the gem. I also wanted to show the profile of a diamond. We always see that profile on signs and in print but in a piece of jewelry it is rarely seen. I created this design, that I named Austin !. It incorporates two wires that hold the girdle and one on the bottom point, “culet” of the diamond. I patented the designs and this year created Meteor as a variation. (sorry I could not find how to add a photo of Austin 1. I will try again)

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If you could provide a link or some other pics of the side views that would be awesome. I’ve always wondered the same thing as to why not show off the shape of the diamond since most people are familiar with it, I know the sides are cut into it to create the facets when looking thru the top but why not show off all the work put into it from that angle as well.



This is a link to the ring. You can click on the colored diamonds at the top of the page to change colors and the 8 icons at the left to change metal and accent colors. 256 combinations in all. At the bottom of the photo are 4 icons that will let you view the 4 different angles of the ring.

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Awesome way to showcase the diamond. I’m surprised it wasn’t thought of sooner. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more innovating designs from you in the future!!!


That is very cool in the jewelry world, Congrats! Lovely!

That design for holding the diamond is so awesome I said that for my gf if I ever decided to get married I would want to design her ring myself and print it on my form 2 …

Thank you,
Go for it. i did that exact thing. My wife’s ring is one I designed and printed on form2

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Thank you!

I plan to, just have to get better at modeling … a lot better lol