10mm scale vehicles

As if there was any doubt about the capabilities of the Form2, here are a few 10mm scale vehicles I printed and painted.IMG_2307IMG_2311IMG_2308IMG_2309IMG_2316IMG_2310IMG_2314IMG_2319IMG_2317IMG_2313


that is simply amazing. I wish I were a painter of any kind. Thanks for sharing

Wonder if these motors are too big for them…

Well done.

What model railroading scale do these correspond to? N (1:160) or Z (1:220)?

These would be N-scale. I scaled them down from their original sizes. The sci-fi pick up truck was as big as a Tonka! I was astonished to see all of the details still present after such a radical scale down.

Thanks for the scale equivalent update. Those turned out very well, especially at that scale.

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