.08 Scale M1911 45 cal pistol

Spray painted the gun grey to better show the detail that this printer is able to produce.

Cool!  I like the Sten gun too.  I don’t recognize the other pistol though-- Tokarev or something?

Nice. What resolution did you print that at?

Wow, that’s tiny! And pretty amazing. Nice work.


@ Clay - Suprised you recognized the Sten that one was done at .04 scale and the side magazine was not bigger than the supports and broke off.  Decided .04 scale is too small.

@ Justin - Those were printed at 50 microns.  Will try another batch of 1911s at 25 micron.

@Clay.  Oh the other pistol is what a .04 scale M1911 looks like i.e. really bad!  Figure it looked like some kind of pistol so I kept it.  .04 scale is just too small.

Careful…  in New York it may soon be illegal to 3D print guns:   http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/105893-bill-regulating-3d-printed-guns-announced-in-nyc/  (Yes, this is a joke.)