Feature Requests & Ideas

Dispense a bit of resin before initial wipe (3)
Copy model on top another (4)
Lock model in place or designate no print areas during 'layout all' (1)
Minimize dust inside Form 3 (1)
Remote Print (8)
Drag model outside build area in PreForm (8)
Start A Print Remotely ( 2 ) (21)
Add some way to tag prints for easy auditing (5)
Save Individual Model from Form file...as a separate form file (1)
Larger mini rafts so they don't fall through form cure table? (3)
Audio Alert for Dashboard (6)
Exporting list of models and scaling [Preform feature request] (4)
Heat Map Overlay (5)
Any news on Save Printability Status with .form file? (1)
Proxy Server Support (14)
Density engineering resin (2)
On-off printability calculation (3)
Fatigue Data For Performance Resins (3)
Form3 - Use RFID for Cartridge and Tank Identification on the Next Generation (14)
Suggested Improvement for Form 2 UI (9)
Better visual cue for "Wiper Side" in PreForm (4)
Castable Wax Schedules (1)
Import files in the same layout as it was saved (1)
Rigid black color (9)
3D STEP File Compatible: For supports export and import file ( 2 3 4 ) (76)
Print again should print last print started, not last print finished (5)
More info on the home display (3)
Populate file name box with the STL file name in Preform (8)
Resin Wiper Scheduled Agitation (1)
Ability to disable supports as a 'view' option (3)