Feature Requests & Ideas

Start A Print Remotely (20)
Pre-heat resin tank during PreForm setup (20)
Support eraser tool (1)
Quicker way to add manual supports (2)
Track the number of layers printed in each Tank (8)
Layers resolution changing (9)
Queue Visibility and Management in Dashboard (3)
Idea for new Supports paradigm (3)
Open mode with heat and wiper (4)
Faster Empty Cartridge Recognition (9)
Wash & Cure Preset Functionality (6)
Tank Heat Maps on Preform (10)
Support on Fine Lines (5)
Preform .form to .stl export ( 2 ) (27)
Wash open/raise motion speed setting (1)
Would be nice to be able to move/redefine support origins (3)
Delete remaining minima (2)
Form Wash: Sealant in top lid ( 2 ) (24)
Dashboard - Reset Tank Heat Map (4)
Submit Jobs Through Dashboard (3)
Fine tuning Early layer unioning height (3)
Please document behavior of first 0.8 mm CLEARLY (11)
Select support points with a window or a lasso (5)
A material request, not feature (1)
Group objects (7)
Dashboard Function Locally (1)
Print model on surface and add supports (4)
Improvements in Printing on build platform (6)
Improve the “running low” resin sensing (1)
Duplicate in Preform scattering issue (13)