Feature Requests & Ideas

Laser Life Monitor (2)
Toggle to ignore resin low warnings ( 2 3 4 ) (64)
Support Counter (1)
Why FormLabs? just...Why? (3)
Remote "Continue" button is needed for Preform (7)
Preform parts alignment when opening/importing objects (1)
Larger mini rafts so they don't fall through form cure table? (2)
Preform improvement proposal (6)
Wall-clock time to completion (5)
Preform to keep level of zoom when switching view (1)
F1+ tank alternatives (1)
Preform user default settings (4)
Need upload time in info display (1)
Option when the power comes back after a power failure (3)
Form Cure & Wash Notifications? (1)
When editing supports with internal supports disabled - paint surface areas that will accept supports (1)
Compensate real z offset in Preform (3)
Group objects (8)
Form 1+ Direct On Base support (1)
Multi Stacking (19)
Object mirroring (18)
Big news in 3 days... New machine? (19)
Having a "Queue" in Preform (4)
Form Cure Preheat and hold (4)
Printable Splash Guards? (9)
Different color instead of darker color for layer by layer review ( 2 ) (24)
Different LAYERS resolutions (15)
Change "Slice" keyboard shortcuts on Mac to "fn-↑" instead of arrow with double lines (11)
See what you have loaded on the printer in dashboard (4)
Continue print after power outage (13)