Feature Requests & Ideas

Measure distance (1)
Mirror of supports down an axis (1)
Display Model List (file names) on dashboard print history (1)
'Toyetic' Resin? (4)
Coloured engineering Resins (6)
Position of 'One Quick Print' in PreForm drop down menu (1)
Mini raft tab (7)
First week's impressions and wishlist (1)
Offline Prints do not show up in the dashboard (5)
Variable Layer Height (11)
Seriously: Why is the printer designed to be always on? (5)
Creating hollow parts and semi-hollow parts (6)
Option to inset / chamfer the extra thickness created by the "no raft" support (5)
Disable Model Checking in PreForm (8)
Replacement Parts, cad model / parts index & diagrams (1)
Job Preview when opening .form files in Preform (1)
Provide MSI file for automatic AD rollout of Preform (1)
Start timer to Initiate Print (5)
Resin/Tank Life Extension on Form 3 via software (3)
Manual Enable/Disable of Collision Detection and Printability checking in PreForm (12)
Surface loops (2)
Ability to import support points (2)
Add Form Cure widget to Form3 screen (11)
Hair points (1)
Add drain hole (17)
On-screen warning when a new print has just been uploaded (1)
Freeform Injection Molding Material from Formabs? (1)
Numericals on 3D Object Manipulator (2)
Override cartidge sensor (2)
Electrically Conductive Resin (6)