Feature Requests & Ideas

Fine tuning Early layer unioning height (3)
Please document behavior of first 0.8 mm CLEARLY (11)
Select support points with a window or a lasso (5)
A material request, not feature (1)
Group objects (7)
Dashboard Function Locally (1)
Print model on surface and add supports (4)
Improvements in Printing on build platform (6)
Improve the “running low” resin sensing (1)
Duplicate in Preform scattering issue (13)
Add "go to sleep after print" checkbox to send-to-printer dialog box (6)
Using preform with form2 farm (2)
Continue print after power outage (12)
Offline Prints do not show up in the dashboard (4)
Heatmap improvements (11)
Anti-Static part (5)
Dark Mode for PreForm (1)
Selling empty resin cartridges (4)
API for slicing models, getting print time and volume? (1)
Provide a 3D Printer Driver for Windows 8.1 (1)
Camera setup for Remote Monitoring of Print & TimeLapse (3)
Allow for supports with the part still being on the BP surface (6)
"No but seriously just print now" button? (1)
Add 3D mouse support to PreForm ( 2 3 4 ) (68)
Printer status API (1)
Proxy Server Support (8)
Form Cure - Material selection (4)
Different color instead of darker color for layer by layer review (19)
Form Cure: Add Dry Time (2)
Preview for chosen resolution (2)