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Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
Real print preview in PreForm (1)
Feature request: Abort or Pause Print on Dashboard or Preform (6)
Please accept consumables for recycling ♻ (12)
Form 3L manual filling (3)
Please can we have an "ABORT FILL" button? (8)
Preform Requests: Hollow, Drain holes, Agitate, Preheat, Support touch-down selection (5)
Vent hole & Hollowing (5)
Better visual cue for "Wiper Side" in PreForm (6)
Select support density/touch point size by surface (1)
Print Without a Cartridge (6)
Saving the print time estimate (1)
Multi Stacking (20)
Delete prints from printer (3)
My Formlabs Wish List (MSLA and DMLS) (2)
Size Scale indication and measurement tool (1)
Outline mode in Preform (3)
Add sprues for metal casting like supports for printing (1)
Idea to speed up printing with a smarter slicer (7)
Leak Detection (2)
Dashboard could tell us a bit more (3)
Feature request regarding monitoring- camera? (2)
Hollllly crap PreForm's high DPI update is amazing (4)
Website Materials navigation a bit of a mess (4)
Dark Mode for PreForm (2)
Printer status API (4)
Print hours/volume alert (1)
Heat Map Overlay (6)
Delay print start (or set target print end time) (2)
Printer 2 Printer File transfer (1)