Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
Idea to speed up printing with a smarter slicer (7)
Leak Detection (2)
Dashboard could tell us a bit more (3)
Feature request regarding monitoring- camera? (2)
Hollllly crap PreForm's high DPI update is amazing (4)
Website Materials navigation a bit of a mess (4)
Dark Mode for PreForm (2)
Printer status API (4)
Print hours/volume alert (1)
Heat Map Overlay (6)
Delay print start (or set target print end time) (2)
Printer 2 Printer File transfer (1)
Wash Station Cycles (1)
Future for formlabs (1)
Font of Forum! ( 2 ) (25)
Preform: Keep your supports off my goddamn airblade (designate areas to exlude from internal support bases) ( 2 ) (21)
Form3 Preheat? ( 2 ) (23)
Please accept consumables for recycling ♻ (9)
PLEASE! Form Cure- Heat with no UV, TURNTABLE OFF (3)
Network Status USB Add-On for Wash and Cure (2)
Installation on Windows takes too long and drivers are too heavy (1)
Fill Tank When Primed (Form 3) (4)
PreForm: Support for .ply files (1)
And another Preform request: many duplicates (3)
My Formlabs Wish List (MSLA and DMLS) (1)
Multi-Material Prints (11)
Light touch fan supports- more manual control over supports (1)
PreForm: Separate disjoint geometry (7)
Select material that is in printer (2)