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Form Cure - Material selection (4)
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Different color instead of darker color for layer by layer review (19)
Form Cure: Add Dry Time (2)
Preview for chosen resolution (2)
Multi-part bases (1)
Multi-part supports (2)
Proxy Server Support (8)
Form Wash: Sealant in top lid (13)
Three-dimensional representation in PreForm (3)
Toggle to ignore resin low warnings ( 2 3 ) (46)
Tank Heat Maps on Preform (7)
Duplicate in Preform scattering issue (12)
Stir function for flexible and other high solids resins (4)
Printability Calculation Progress Bar (1)
[solved] Tank Status "Heat" Map (2)
Adjust dimentional sizing independantly would be very useful (2)
Cure.... Add a second level (1)
Form2: Wifi support for WPA-Enterprise (3)
Allow for supports with the part still being on the BP surface (4)
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Open mode suggestion for refill (18)
PreForm: more printer informations (1)
More Realistic Printing Preview (1)
Ability to change printer name on Form2 ( 2 ) (37)
Different layer setting per object and Array creation (11)
Layer Geometry Optimization to Reduce Peel Stress and Material (9)
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