Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
Scheduled/immediate preheat and mix function (9)
3D STEP File Compatible: For supports export and import file ( 2 3 4 ) (77)
Resin Cartrdige Disposal/Recycle (19)
Option to disbale one click print for educational environments (1)
Form3 Preheat? (11)
Preform supports (1)
Display a heat map on the build platform to show most printed areas (PreForm) (18)
Non-uniform scaling (6)
More friendly resin for Formlabs to aspire to? (1)
Monitor standby for Form2 and Form3 (9)
Recycling printer consumables (7)
Button - continue print with empty cartridge (15)
Form Cure- Heat without UV (11)
Form 4 request - a dumb version of the printer (9)
Axis orientation (2)
OpenFL should be released for all forms (6)
Wash station menu (1)
Carousel controls on the cure station (1)
Print Without a Cartridge (3)
More intelligent Preform internal supports (3)
Make Preform accept keyboard input in Resin dropdown box (1)
Form 3 - more robust roller-holder (2)
Printer status API (2)
Have printability check disabled on start-up of PreForm (1)
Feedback for Formlabs on PreForm (12)
PreForm background color (3)
Form 3 needs a Mix Tank operation (4)
Sanding/polishing down Dental/biocompatible resin for an ultra smooth finish (2)
Tank Heat Maps on Preform (12)