Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
Form Cure- Heat without UV (1)
Wash station menu (1)
Carousel controls on the cure station (1)
Print Without a Cartridge (3)
More intelligent Preform internal supports (3)
Make Preform accept keyboard input in Resin dropdown box (1)
Form 3 - more robust roller-holder (2)
Printer status API (2)
Button - continue print with empty cartridge (14)
Have printability check disabled on start-up of PreForm (1)
Feedback for Formlabs on PreForm (12)
PreForm background color (3)
Form 3 needs a Mix Tank operation (4)
Sanding/polishing down Dental/biocompatible resin for an ultra smooth finish (2)
Tank Heat Maps on Preform (12)
Rename Printer (16)
Proxy Server Support (15)
Continue print after power outage (19)
Quick print rafts and supports (1)
Measure distance (1)
Mirror of supports down an axis (1)
Display Model List (file names) on dashboard print history (1)
'Toyetic' Resin? (4)
Coloured engineering Resins (6)
Position of 'One Quick Print' in PreForm drop down menu (1)
Mini raft tab (7)
First week's impressions and wishlist (1)
Offline Prints do not show up in the dashboard (5)
Variable Layer Height (11)