Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
Rigid black color (8)
Print again should print last print started, not last print finished (4)
More info on the home display (3)
Ability to change printer name on Form2 ( 2 3 ) (44)
Proxy Server Support (10)
Populate file name box with the STL file name in Preform (8)
Resin Wiper Scheduled Agitation (1)
Ability to disable supports as a 'view' option (3)
Better visual cue for "Wiper Side" in PreForm (2)
Ability to "Select All" in PreForm model list (1)
Heatmap improvements (13)
Better highlighting of "Unsupported Minima" (and cups) (4)
Change the cartridge detect (7)
Preform Requests: Hollow, Drain holes, Agitate, Preheat, Support touch-down selection (2)
Idle Time Log (2)
Bulk Resin Packaging (2)
Preform for iPad (2)
Preform support issue (1)
Laser Life Monitor (2)
Toggle to ignore resin low warnings ( 2 3 4 ) (64)
Support Counter (1)
Why FormLabs? just...Why? (3)
Heat Map Overlay (3)
Remote "Continue" button is needed for Preform (7)
Form3 - Use RFID for Cartridge and Tank Identification on the Next Generation (13)
Preform parts alignment when opening/importing objects (1)
Larger mini rafts so they don't fall through form cure table? (2)
Preform improvement proposal (6)
Wall-clock time to completion (5)