Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
Rotating entire print job 90-180 degrees for repeated prints (5)
Retire the HelpBot (1)
Form Cure - using as Heat Chamber (1)
Dye's & Models-DENTAL (9)
Preform: Replace model (with updated revision) (10)
Improving the slicing bar + etc (3)
Resin Tank Box Improvement (6)
Different supports - touch area (6)
Support requests (1)
Pre cure sleep function (3)
Website location setting (1)
See what you have loaded on the printer in dashboard (3)
Aaaaadjustable printing parameter (2)
Wash & Cure Preset Functionality (3)
Why dose the wiper and heater on the form 2 have to turn off in open mode? (14)
Better Customer Support (10)
DLP machine and or/ DLP mode along side SLA (2)
Tracking App (7)
Protected Surfaces Feature in Preform Print Supports (6)
A more rigid model resin (14)
Safer support rafts for large parts with inner hollows (oversized rafts can damage printer!) (7)
Export and store FLP files with API or through PreForm (8)
OpenFL should be released for all forms (2)
Preform needs to clean up after itself in the Control Panel (12)
Antifoaming agent for new resins (8)
3D STEP File Compatible: For supports export and import file ( 2 3 4 ) (70)
Unsupported Minima Suggestion (7)
Dissolvable supports... I know this is creazy for SLA (9)
Quale resina ha caratteristiche ESD? o simili (1)