Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
The printer (form3) not continue printing after power outage (4)
See printer temperature in Dashboard (2)
Modifying size and placement of bottom internal supports (1)
Heatmap improvements (16)
Remote Print - select a starting time (5)
Colorblind-friendly Preform (1)
Delay print start (or set target print end time) (1)
Auto Generated Supports: Diameter Settings (2)
Options for sparse build support raft? (7)
Disable Model Checking in PreForm (4)
Add drain hole (15)
Monitor standby for Form2 and Form3 (4)
Ability to get notified via email when there's a firmware update (8)
Non-uniform scaling (1)
Preform show minima/cupping defaults (1)
PreForm Mac zoom (+/–) keyboard shortcut issue (1)
Resin Cartrdige Disposal/Recycle (16)
Remove last page of Prime printer dialog (3)
What is the bets resin for D&D miniatures (9)
Who is printing? allow access to printer only to people who are logged in? (1)
PreForm Views (7)
Continue print after power outage (17)
Form Wash bell (3)
List of files in Preform visible from explorer (1)
A few ideas for a new Form Wash (2)
Export raft shape as DXF (1)
Wall-clock time to completion (8)
Camera setup for Remote Monitoring of Print & TimeLapse (3)
New Dashboard Groups doesn't include old data (1)