Feature Requests & Ideas

Suggest a Feature (1)
Electrically Conductive Resin (4)
Add Form Cure widget to Form3 screen (6)
Feature request - user movable supports (1)
Ability to change printer name on Form2 ( 2 3 ) (46)
Mini raft tab (4)
Opacity adjustment on support structure (1)
Rename Printer (15)
Manual Enable/Disable of Collision Detection and Printability checking in PreForm (11)
Better guidance/feedback on orientation in PreForm...I'm confused! (5)
Add drain hole (16)
Robustness in marine environment (2)
Allow domain name entry in add printer (3)
Preserve orientation in Preform when updating a model's geometry (5)
Search and Save As for .form files (1)
Non-uniform scaling (5)
Coloured engineering Resins (1)
OpenFL should be released for all forms (4)
Colorblind-friendly Preform (2)
The printer (form3) not continue printing after power outage (4)
See printer temperature in Dashboard (2)
Modifying size and placement of bottom internal supports (1)
Heatmap improvements (16)
Remote Print - select a starting time (5)
Delay print start (or set target print end time) (1)
Auto Generated Supports: Diameter Settings (2)
Options for sparse build support raft? (7)
Disable Model Checking in PreForm (4)
Monitor standby for Form2 and Form3 (4)
Ability to get notified via email when there's a firmware update (8)