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What is the bets resin for D&D miniatures (5)
Continue print after power outage (14)
A few ideas for a new Form Wash (2)
Export raft shape as DXF (1)
Wall-clock time to completion (8)
Camera setup for Remote Monitoring of Print & TimeLapse (3)
New Dashboard Groups doesn't include old data (1)
Rotation angle visible (3)
Form 3 - "Material used" is inaccurate (4)
Offline Prints do not show up in the dashboard (4)
Ability to get notified via email when there's a firmware update (3)
Form Wash with neo ethanol (or other liquids) (2)
Transparency/Ghost visualization of supports (1)
Preform user default settings (5)
Preform meassure tool (3)
Auto touchpoint but with minimum spacing and (1)
Disable Model Checking in PreForm (2)
Preform for iPad (3)
PreForm iPadOS iOS App (1)
Allow minor error messages to be resolved remotely (3)
Preform Requests: Hollow, Drain holes, Agitate, Preheat, Support touch-down selection (3)
Glass instead of ceramics? (2)
Dispense a bit of resin before initial wipe (3)
Copy model on top another (4)
Lock model in place or designate no print areas during 'layout all' (1)
Minimize dust inside Form 3 (1)
Remote Print (8)
Drag model outside build area in PreForm (8)
Start A Print Remotely ( 2 ) (21)